13 Movements Give Us Depth

After teaching long forms, I found that people were focused so much on the choreograpy that they did not develop the internal energies. We teach a 13 movement form that allows students to learn the choreography and body mechanics in only 8 weeks. After the first 8 weeks students can delve into the deeper aspects of energy movement and martial application. This form has Wu and Yang influences and was created by Sigung Richard Clear
   Sifu Greg has taught and still practices the Yang Style Short Form as developed by Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing. The secrets of t'ai chi are available in many t'ai chi sets. To gain the skills, we must look into and beyond the choreograpy to see what the forms are showing us. Learn more about teachers in our lineage

T'ai Chi Builds Integrity & Relaxation

T'ai chi is an ancient method of moving in the most relaxed and integrated manner possible. The movements of the t’ai chi form arrange our bodies for optimal mechanical advantage and energy flow. This efficiency allows us to relax out of the excess effort and tensions we may normally use. Thus, the body comes into a natural alignment and energy circulates freely. This relaxed way of moving brings all of t’ai chi’s benefit. Read the full article

Martial Perspective Heals

It may seem like a paradox that t'ai chi offers such amazing health benefits while being an incredibly effective martial art. It is actually the synthesis of these two aspects that brings about the most profound depth of study and benefits in practice. Read the full article.