After studying t’ai chi for a number of years, I discovered Sigung Richard Clear and his teaching. Studying with him has been a continual revelation in both skills and directness and generosity of his teaching. Sigung Clear possesses amazing healing and martial skills. At the Spiral Chi Center we use Sigung Richard Clear's teaching methods and teach his 13 movement form to new students. This form can be learned in eight weeks and then students can delve into the deeper energetic and martial aspects of t’ai chi.
Previously I spent a number of years studying in the lineage of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing. The Professor's form is popular and he himself was known as a master of five excellences: painting, calligraphy, poetry, tradtitional Chinese medicine, and t'ai chi. He said that t'ai chi was the most important of these since it reflects the underlying nature of the universe. In this lineage I studied primarily with Master Wasentha Young and William CC Chen
I seek to help students develop awareness, body integration and health. I want the students not only to know the choreography of the forms; but to move energy through their bodies and embody the deeper principles that bring health and martial ability. My healing practice also informs the perspective I bring to t'ai chi.