Beginning T'ai Chi

Learn Sigung Clear's 13 move form in 8 weeks. This form is taught step by step in our Monday night form classes. Sifu Greg carefully instructs each movement and uses exercises and demonstrations so that students not only understand the choreography of a movement, but the energy and function of the movement. All movements are taught sequentially.
If this is your first class with us, please fill out this registration form as well as paying for classes.

Advanced T'ai Chi

After learning the basic choreography, students can really delve into the heart of t'ai chi - internal dynamics. Students learn and explore things like moving energy, rooting, neutralizing, and emitting energy. Students also build skill in applying these energies and two person exercises such as push hands. These two person sensing exercises help students deepen their awareness, health and martial ability.


Some qigong is taught in all of our t'ai chi classes. We offer drop in qigong classes in between class sessions to cover more specialized qigong including bone marrow washing and deeper internal energy sets often referred to as neigong.

Private Lessons

Private lessons give us a chance to work more individually and in depth with students. We can work together to:
  -Increase mobility and health as students recover from injury.
  -Tailor practices for people with limited mobility.
  -Help students break through plateaus I their practice.
  -Provide a more comfortable environment for those who are more comfortable with one on one sessions.
  -Apply t'ai chi principles to specific activities from playing the piano to manual labor.
Private lessons are typically held at Sifu Greg's Healing Office.


T'ai chi mechanics create relaxation and efficiency. For musicians, this means they can deliver more energy into their music and avoid repetitive stress injury. For athletes, they find more power and stamina. Many groups have reached greater potential by learning t'ai chi principles.  Sifu Greg has worked extensively with pianists and helped a number of athletes. Check out the article about his work with violists in a local musicians newsletter. Call us to set up a workshop for your group.

Greg has helped me integrate t'ai chi principles into my performing and teaching. I experience greater efficiency and comfort physically, which translates into longer and more enjoyable hours at the piano as well as a more flexible and satisfying sound. I am experiencing a more authentic connection to the instrument and music as well as communication with the audience.
   -Professor Joel Schoenhals, EMU