SE MI Push Hands

The goal of this group is merely to allow taiji students to push with people outside of their own schools in a friendly way. We grow together. A little experience with push hands in the context of taiji or other internal martial arts is all you need. Be prepared to share your favorite game/style/approach and work with others of varying skill levels.
   Be kind to your training partners. We use a timer to rotate people every six minutes. We meet on the first Sunday of the month at 2:00 PM. It is free. Just turn up and play.


We've moved inside for the winter season. We'll be meeting above Greg's Healing office located at 210 Collingwood Road, Suite #100. Come up the stairs to the Terra Firma studio. The address is Collingwood; but park behind the building and enter the door on the left as pictured below.

When the weather is good again, we'll be outside at Vet's Park. Use the parking lot by the baseball fields. Then look for the covered area to the right. You'll find us there. X marks the spot in the picture below. Rain is not a problem as the covered area has been big enough for 20 of us to play push hands.