Sifu Greg

Sifu Greg Knollmeyer has spent more than fifteen years studying T'aiji with world renowned teachers. In 2014 he met and became a student of Sigung Richard Clear who posesses amazing healing and martial skills. Greg continues to pursue his studies with Sigung Clear and has earned certifications in that system.
Previously, he had studied in the Cheng Man Ch’ing lineage primarily with Master Wasentha Young and attending classes with Grandmaster William CC Chen, Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo, and some of their senior students. With them he has studied the earth form, chi kung, sword, saber, and staff forms, as well as push hands and martial applications.
Greg also became a certified yoga teacher in 2003. He teaches taiji at The Spiral Chi Center as well as at hospitals, senior centers, and businesses. Learn more about our lineage Greg has certifications in several healing techniques and helps clients in his office heal and evolve. While making instructional taiji videos, Greg also discovered a passion for video. His editing skills in particular have been sought after and he occasionally takes on video projects.

Sifu Greg Knollmeyer

Students at the Spiral Chi Center

There is a nice diversity of background and interest in our students. Some students are primarily interested in the stress relief and healing aspects of t'ai chi. Others are interested in the martial aspect of taiji and some come with experience in other martial arts.  Some come to learn how to balance better or apply t'ai chi to their tennis game. Yet, all of our students enjoy learning how to relax and integrate through the practice of taijiquan.  

Spiral Chi Students

My husband and I are taking beginning taiji with Greg. We both like the tai chi form and also like Greg’s method of instructing. It is relaxing for us and a gentle strengthening for our muscles. It also seems to be improving our balance and general body alignment. Greg is a relaxed and patient instructor. We like how he educates us on the philosophy of tai chi and the movements. 
     -Pat and David

I took 3 taiji classes through University of Wisconsin continuing education back when I was in grad school, with 2 different instructors, and then, much later on, I took another course here, and you stand head and shoulders above any instructor I’ve had previously. I really like and appreciate the way that you weave three different threads through every class: the way each movement is supposed to look; the body mechanics logic of each movement; and the martial applications of different movements. I really enjoy your teaching style, and I know that your style of teaching is the reason I’ve stuck with this for so long. I’m enjoying our current practice of learning about each movement in depth.

We feel that Taiji enhances our balance, body awareness, concentration, and that it enriches our souls.
    -Glenn & Joan