Move with Balance & Inner Harmony

For centuries, t'ai chi practitioners have been cultivating ways of balancing, generating, and diffusing energy. One t'ai chi master, Yang Lu-chan, was told that he had achieved “the grand ultimate way of fighting” or t’ai chi ch’uan. The name has stuck for the last two hundred years. Through training exercises and use as a martial art, practitioners have tested and refined this relaxed integrated way of moving.
     The movements of the t’ai chi form arrange our bodies for optimal mechanical advantage and energy flow. When we use better body mechanics, we are integrating our joints and limbs so that we use less effort. This body integration helps create relaxation. This way of moving is what brings all of t’ai chi’s benefits. Some have described the movements as alchemical simply because arranging our bodies well allows us to make better use of our body, momentum, and subtle energy. T’ai chi can help you become more balanced and centered. Study with Sifu Greg Knollmeyer. Learn more about t’ai chi.

Experience "Medication in Motion"

T'ai Chi is often called a meditation in motion as a result of the inner harmony it creates. A recent Harvard Study on the health benefits of t'ai chi calls t'ai chi a "medication in motion" citing benefits of strength, balance, flexibility,  and assisting with the relief for those who have arthritis, breast cancer, low bone density, difficulty sleeping,  stroke, and Parkinson's.  Read Harvard's summary of health benefits.